Medical therapies including sports injuries and recovery

Being in pain can ruin your lifestyle and stop
you from enjoying a sport, playing with your children,
been able to work and much more.

Most pain is accompanied by inflammation, swelling, heat and
a redness of skin tone. By applying Cryotherapy to an isolated
body part, the body is able to deliver all the healing proteins, oxygen, osteoblasts and many more healing functions required
for specific pain management and recovery.

The relief from pain and inflammation can both be seen and
felt immediately. The more treatments applied, the longer
the results can be seen as the body starts to create the pattern
of delivering the healing elements, and the lymphatic system
drains away damaged tissues and inflammation.

Non-invasive treatment for :
• Muscle Pain and Inflammation
• Joint Mobility
• Muscle Strength

Cryotherapy Helps ease most painful
conditions from arthritis to phantom pain
and is an excellent treatment for reducing
inflammation and muscle tension