Andrew Driver on Cryotherapy!

During my football career, I have unfortunately suffered a number of injuries. It was during my frustrating time off the pitch, I began looking at treatments that would get me back into football and raise my fitness levels.

One of the treatments I came across was cryotherapy and I was instantly sold! After just one session, my energy levels were raised and my pains reduced. I still to this day use cryotherapy to keep fit and quickly recover from injuries – as are some of the biggest sports and non-sports stars in the world.

Because of Cryotherapy’s popularity, especially in the U.S, my family and I hope to make cryotherapy a more widely used treatment. We have since teamed up with Cryotherapy UK, who we feel are doing a great job in fulfilling our goals. We hope with the growing awareness of this treatment, we can bring cryotherapy to more businesses and help more people